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Vermeer VerLICHT can also be contacted for lighting advice and mediation for delivery of project lighting. Founder and owner Paul Vermeer has been working over 25 years in project lighting industry.


Light that serves the user. Light that serves the architecture. Light that meets tomorrow’s needs.

A lighting company that puts you, the client in the centre.

Light enables us to see. With good lighting, we show what we want to be seen.

To be able to see a room we need light. For Vermeer VerLICHT the design of a light plan is determined by various parameters, but especially sustainability. In designing a lighting plan the architecture should be leading. A certain minimalism is the starting point for Vermeer VerLICHT. The architecture or interior design gets the lead. The solutions, the tools of light we use, are innovative products. The aim is that each lighting design of Vermeer VerLICHT is innovative.

Louis Kahn, architect, teacher and philosopher, wrote "No space, architecturally, is a space unless it has natural light." Daylight is the reference of mankind. If we judge artificial light it is judged compared to daylight. The correct choice of light sources is very important. For example, for being able to see colours correct, a colour rendering index of the light source, as close as possible to the daylight is a very important issue, especially when using energy efficient light sources like LEDs, but also fluorescent, or compact fluorescent (energy saving) and discharge lamps.

A good lighting plan is composed of several layers, which can underline several features of a room. Vermeer VerLICHT follows the principles described by the architect and lighting pioneer Richard Kelly who worked with famous architects such as Philip Johnson (e.g. Glass House, 1949), Louis I. Kahn (e.g. Kimbell Art Museum, 1967-72) , Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (e.g. Seagram Building, 1954-58) and Eero Saarinen (General Motors Technical Center, 1946-55) . Richard Kelly described these layers as light energy impacts. Wherein a first layer of light is, “ambient luminescence”, a dosed general lighting. A second layer for accent lighting and display lighting, “focal glow”. Finally there is the finishing touch, “play of brilliants”, the layer with sharp detail, that gives an extra dimension to architecture or an additional element in the interior, it can also be decorative lighting.

A quote from architect Peter Eisenman (known as a member of the New York Five): "Architecture is to give form to concept, function, structure and technology." The same counts for work as a lighting consultant or lighting architect, a lighting plan is giving shape to a concept, function, structure and technology.

According to Paul Vermeer a good light study is not about a particular light source or a particular type of luminaire. "No, the overall lighting plan, needs to be a sensible choice in terms of energy, design and economic arguments. A good lighting plan should revolve around the user of the space. And should imply correct fitting of fixtures in the room. That is the vision of Vermeer VerLICHT.


Vermeer VerLICHT can also make your light plans. Vermeer VerLICHT can take care of delivery of the required lighting products. You can also hire Paul Vermeer of Vermeer VerLICHT to give lectures on modern and sustainable lighting projects.

Light plans can vary from swiftly sketched advice or a direction of a fitting choice. Or it could be a computer light calculation, or advice about a specific fixture for a particular application. But a lighting plan is complete when it consists of a computer drawn plan (AutoCAD). Accompanied by computer light calculations and 3-D visualizations made on special lighting calculation software. With an overview of energy consumption and possible return on investment calculation for energy efficient lighting.

Vermeer VerLICHT may mediate in the purchase of project lighting, even if the light plan is not made by Vermeer VerLICHT.

The quality that you have available, given the experience of Paul Vermeer is clear. As is the good value you receive for these services. Request your quote, or leave your details for a free advice interview.

For Vermeer VerLICHT the core of a good lighting design is the needs of the user of the space that the design is for. That space could be an office, a shop, a house, an outdoor space, and so on.